In the European drug pricing
and commercial environment
you need to ensure every move
you make is the right one.



Plich Advisory is a boutique strategic advisory firm for pharmaceutical leaders.
We specialise in strategic positioning, pricing and commercialisation of medicines in Europe and beyond. We advise across the product life cycle – from early development, through launch, to loss of exclusivity. With our advice, clients make decisions with a tremendous amount of confidence, resulting in multi-million dollar impacts.

Our Amsterdam office serves clients globally.

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The clients include profit and loss holders and pricing and market access functional
heads at a range of biotechs as well as established pharma players


Adam Plich

Managing Director

Global Healthcare executive & trusted advisor with 15 years of experience in drug pricing & commercialization in Europe and beyond, including 6 years a Vice President Head of Pricing & Market Access at a large pharmaceutical company

Plich Advisory operates with a network of experienced partners worldwide to ensure that local expertise feeds into European and global engagements.

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We have been in our clients’ shoes. Our founder, Adam Plich, gained his expertise as an executive-level pharmaceutical industry insider for a number of years in Europe and beyond. Our local partners and experts have similar industry experience in their countries. We know what works and what does not. There is no experimentation. 

We endeavour to generate multi-million dollar results for each engagement. Investment in our services will result in high multiple returns for clients. We quantify this potential when we write a proposal and keep it in mind during the project. Clients are excited about the immediate impact the engagements have on the whole organisation and their teams.

We begin each collaboration with a 360-degree review of a client’s current situation and problems. Our holistic approach allows us to understand the broader perspective of client issues while using laser focus to pinpoint strategic solutions.  We know well that market access success depends on numerous functions. Key stakeholders in the organisation need to be engaged to support the project and recommendations. As a result, we often extend our advice to commercial and go-to-market models to ultimately help our clients grow revenues and profits.

We combine cold analysis with inspiring creativity. We analyse problems in depth and break them down into mutually exclusive but collectively exhaustive issues. We develop hypotheses early on to quickly focus our research on key issues and potential solutions. We have developed methodologies and analytical frameworks to make the whole process efficient. While we rigorously analyse, it is the creative intangible process, an art in itself, which helps us find breakthrough solutions. 

We strongly believe in deep local expertise and insights. We operate with local partners to ensure that our European strategies are solid. Our network of high calibre experts is broad, including local payers, key opinion leaders, lawyers and industry insiders. Sometimes, we organise and chair advisory boards with local experts either face-to-face or through the latest reliable videoconference platforms.

We advise. We use insights from multiple sources to formulate concrete recommendations. It is not market research though. We tell our clients what we would do if we were in their shoes. Clients love the discussion and intellectual exchange that is part of our process. Clients love that we challenge their thinking and suggest alternative solutions. They find working with us fun and inspiring. As a result, the whole experience is highly personalised. Bespoke. It is not copied and pasted from a reused deck. Clients receive a tailored high-quality beautiful presentation report that they present to their board of directors, executive teams or investors.

When formulating recommendations, we constantly ask ourselves what clients can do within the next weeks or months rather than years. Clients receive tools that can be implemented immediately while generating long-term success. Clients also receive implementation guidance. Some require us to hold their hand all the way through. Others just need a few tips. We advise how to engage other stakeholders to make things happen in the organisation and externally.

We are fast. We turn around proposals even within a day if needed. Starting projects is easy. Our Terms & Conditions are robust but flexible to take the engagements quickly off the ground. Our executive experience gives us the confidence to begin advising clients immediately. Our established relationships with experts and partners enable us to feed local expertise through consultations or video advisory boards rapidly. 

At Plich Advisory, client personal growth, objectives and successes are as important as the interests of their company. Clients achieve their objectives with a tremendous amount of confidence. Clients are respected as experts in the company and industry. Clients make their families proud by positively impacting lives. As a result, clients become impactful and successful leaders who bring higher returns to their companies and shareholders while securing patient access worldwide.



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Biosimilars & Generics



Pricing and forecast pressure-test

Early strategic positioning
and value proposition

Phase III clinical trial health
technology assessment review

European commercialisation
and market access mapping

Stakeholders engagement

Pricing strategy blueprint

Market access launch plan

Pricing competition
scenarios planning

Processes & organisation set-up

Loss of exclusivity toolbox

Thought leadership.

Thought leadership

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